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A 'greener' Byfield

As a Parish Council we feel strongly that Byfield should have a statement and a tangible plan to play our part in helping fight the global challenge of climate change.

As a community we have a responsibility to each other and especially the younger generations growing up to demonstrate a positive culture when it comes to doing our collective bit to tackle climate change, and moreover to lead by example.

Many of us will have no previous experience or expertise in the field other than a conscientious outlook on recycling, and a healthy respect for the great outdoors.

Working alongside Byfield School we are defining a series of initiatives to help put Byfield on the map as a village that facilitates greener habits within our daily lives.

There will be lots of little things that as a village Byfield could facilitate in order to help raise awareness and encourage positive behaviour. By working alongside Byfield School's Eco-Committee we want to ensure that the children's concerns and ideas can inform our activities as a community.

An infographic about what contributes to the carbon footprint
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Last updated: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 16:22