The Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement is attached.  This document has been approved by the Parish Council and was adopted by Daventry District Council in February 2016.

The Village Design Statement for Byfield—an introduction
The village design statement (VDS) is a description of the physical nature and appearance of the village as it is now, and as it may develop in the future. It brings together, in one document, a consensus of Byfield residents’ opinions regarding the present and future shape and appearance of the village. Whilst neighbours will continue to be consulted on individual planning applications, the VDS will help by providing guidance to the District Council planners on the wishes of the majority of village residents. It is intended to bring together all the many reasons why the village is liked by its residents—and perhaps to show a few dislikes which might be remedied.

The village design statement is about the physical structure of the village–what the structure permits us to do, what we see now and what we wish to see in future. Future physical changes may be driven by external needs or influences placed on the village inhabitants but any changes, whether from outside or internally generated, may influence what villagers are able to do with their lives!

The VDS will be used by Daventry District Council, the relevant local planning authority, as a “subsidiary planning document”. The DDC planning committee will use the VDS as a guide to their decision making—a “weight in the scale-pan”—when any individual planning application is made in Byfield. Byfield’s inhabitants and Parish Council understand that the VDS is only a guide, and other requirements may still drive DDC’s decision in any particular case, but the VDS helps to convey the consensus view of residents. The VDS will be a public document, freely available to all interested parties, and, it is hoped, will be of particular use to architects, developers and all village residents.




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