**Application for Housing Estate & Medical Centre**

Jan 2020

Following this week’s decision by Daventry District Council to defer the decision until a later date, there is now the chance to work together to help secure the best possible outcome for Byfield and the broader community that this opportunity presents.
Quoting from the article in the Daventry Express, the decision ‘would allow the council to gather more details about some of the proposals and consider any conditions which could be put in place that would allow them to recommend approval.’
Common across both sides of the debate has been the unequivocal value that the Medical Centre brings not only to Byfield but also to the neighbouring villages, and the desire to see this huge asset retained.
Byfield Parish Council is certainly not against the retention and or expansion of GP services in our area and will continue to work to ensure that this application represents the best it can be for the community.
We will continue to encourage discussion with the applicant and with DDC, Highways etc, and talk to local residents to listen to and reflect opinions and suggestions from both sides of the debate on how to make this opportunity a truly lasting asset for the village.
Again quoting the article in the Daventry Express, ‘the proposal for the land at Woodford Road would see 78 new homes built in order to enable and fund the development of the medical centre. But it is those homes which have proved a stumbling block for Daventry District Council, with their location and associated road problems proving of concern. It also cited a lack of detail explaining to what extent it would fund the new centre.’
We intend to work together to focus on the details around the planning application, reflecting the quote from the Planning Officer below:
‘The proposed housing would extend substantially beyond the confines of the village and impede open views into and out of the village with harm to heritage assets and the character of the village. This element of the proposal together with the new medical centre would result in significant impacts on the Woodford Road and Fiveways Junction which need to be mitigated and without which would have an unacceptable impact on highway safety.’
The focus should now be to ensure that the issues cited above such as pedestrian safety and local traffic management are given due consideration to help find an acceptable alternative to the schemes already proposed, and ultimately - should approval be awarded by DDC - to integrate what would be a significant new development into the village, and strive to see that all residents derive as much lasting benefit from it as possible.
By working collaboratively to strike the right balance and to provide the right level of detail and mitigation an exciting new chapter is on the horizon.